Academic Munchkins Valley Stream

Let’s Stick Together

It can be very difficult to manage and maintain a childcare center during a pandemic. It’s very hard to understand how hard it is as well, unless you are actually the one directing the facility.

Things have changed as a result of the pandemic, thus we must communicate protocols and preventable measures to ensure the safety of everyone who is present in the childcare center.

We will continue to express what is expected on a regular basis, though exhausting, we must continually make requests for everyones safety.

As providers, we are an extension to the childs home, a provider not only keeps your child safe but also educates, entertains, and introduces your child to socialization and communication skills.

Many childcare facilities and centers have shut down as a result of the pandemic and the cost of overall business expenses, some others have cut their hours and/or enrollments as a result of the pandemic.

This is a reminder: Please be reasonable with your childcare provider, we are entrusted to ensure your child receives a great education and communication skills overall.

Academic Munchkins is grateful to still be in business and we hope this gratitude is felt by all, because it’s truly a hard time for childcare providers.

One day this pandemic will be over and hopefully things will restore in order but until then we have to stick together and ensure that things keep moving forward as we work together to provide your child the best of care. We are here for your child and we are here for you.