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Academic Munchkins Valley Stream
Academic Munchkins Mission

Our goal is to provide the best educational value to your child in their developing stages. Every class in Academic Munchkins is handled with care and with expertise. Giving your children an opportunity to learn many skills that can be useful as they grow older.

What Does Academic Munchkins Offer?

Computer Centers
NYS Licensed Daycare
Bus Service Available
NYS Certified Staff Members
NYS Accredited Education Program

After School Programs

2 Yrs. to 12 Yrs.

Ballet & Tap

Hip Hop


Piano & Guitar

Spanish & French

Homework Help

Fall Program

Half Day - Full Day - Extended Day

Infants - 6 Wks. & Up

Toddlers - 2 Yrs.

Nursery - 3 Yrs.

PreK - 4 Yrs., the only PreK
that learns to read through phonics!

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Meet Vivian Stein

Vivian Stein

Vivian has many years of experience with educating and caring for children. Having a trustworthy person around your kids is a top priority and Vivian Stein provides top care to your children.